Which field of study should you choose?

What is the guideline when choosing the field of study and university?

The field of study should be chosen according to your interests.

Not always what we study reflects our professional career, it does not necessarily have to do with the work we do. Therefore, this factor does not have to be decisive in choosing the specifics of the studies. You can study on a certain specialization, and further educate in a different area. Interest is important here, but you also have to avoid directions where it is very difficult to find a job, or which prevents personal development to the extent we would like.

In US, there are definitely more students in the humanities and after them, the most difficult thing is to get a good job, or any well-paid job. Specialists recommend that entrepreneurial people choose such studies that later enable them, for example, to open and run their own business. In turn, people who prefer to work full-time, or in large subordinated groups, or in corporations, may be the ones to suggest when applying for studies.

Universities enrich their program each year, add new directions and specializations.

At the dean’s office you can find out what subjects are taught in the course of these classes and what skills can be acquired in the course. There is no need to make hasty choices because they have a lifetime impact, or at least a large part of it.

Today, when we have such easy access to information, you should use it and learn exactly what it means to study in this or that direction. It is necessary to analyze what opportunities it opens for us, whether its completion gives a strong bargaining chip on the labor market, or large, well-known companies are looking for graduates from these majors.

The university should provide information whether it cooperates with interesting companies, research institutes, or allows you to take up interesting internships and internships. Colorful university advertising is one thing, and its real possibilities and prestige is something completely different. Creating new directions of interest from the name is a trap for uninformed university candidates who are often misinformed. Universities want to accept as many students as possible, which is why they organize large advertising campaigns and present their offer on colored leaflets, posters, banners.

It is worth asking your friends, read on the Internet on independent websites, go to an adviser before choosing a few years of studying in a completely unknown place.