What is plagiarism and how to avoid it in writing a thesis?

Plagiarism is simply the theft of all or part of someone else’s work, both written and created in any other form.

This problem is very serious, common, difficult to eradicate. That is why, on the basis of criminal law, a number of solutions have been created that are to fight the procedure of appropriating someone else’s intellectual property. Universities are required to notify the prosecutor’s office about any case of plagiarism in the student’s diploma thesis. Most of the time, however, they do not do it, so as not to cause additional problems to anyone.

The situation is about to change, because there is already a nationwide database of works and it will be easier to expose fraud in the writing of works, and it will be easier to punish the student and promoter who hides it. Putting someone else’s work as his own is a plagiarism and a crime punishable by imprisonment. Even work written for an individual order does not become the property of the person who pays for it. Personal copyrights are not transferable and can not be waived through any document. In this situation, the question arises – is it worth to write a diploma thesis?

It is definitely worth to commission a project of such a work that will become an inspiration, help in creating an independent work.

The scope of using such a text should be consulted with specialists in a given field. Many students have the problem of writing any sentence in a master’s or engineering thesis. Therefore, it is necessary for them to order a sample, exemplary work. Such help significantly shortens the writing of the job, because you can see how to write a work plan, bibliography, how to construct problems and research goals, how to draw conclusions or how to skillfully move to the next threads, building content from the general to the detail.

The studies created by our website are work projects that can only be used as inspiration and help. You can not copy them to your work nor sign under them. That is why we pay attention to these aspects so often. Writing engineering works or writing bachelor’s theses and other types of studies should always be an independent process, with the help of the created scientific works.