Universities do not prepare students

Universities certainly do not prepare students to write a master’s or bachelor’s thesis at a level that they later expect from them.

The promoters are burdened with work, leading to several dozen or even more than one hundred students at graduate seminars. Added to this are the remaining classes, lectures, seminars, extra-college work. With such a large amount of classes it is not possible for every student to bend over and fully explain the principles of creating a scientific text.

It is not even easy to adequately specify the content, research and content requirements. At one seminar, the supervisor should allocate a minimum of 10 minutes to the student. Such a seminar lasts an average of 2 hours and students on it is at a minimum of 20. Requirements so grow, work arrives, but help is difficult to expect. In this situation, the student is left alone in search of literature, constructing research issues, creating an outline. These elements are crucial as the starting stage for further work on the diploma thesis. They should be regularly consulted with the promoter so that they will not be in vain. It is possible to browse for a few weeks, develop them, draw knowledge from them, save important information, but without consulting the promoter, all this may be a waste of time.

When students come to me and ask for help, I hear many times that their last contact with the promoter was a few weeks ago and even six months ago. I often hear their complaints that they are not even sure whether the promoter will accept the topic they have chosen, or whether their plan is properly structured.

Every now and again students who do not write off to e-mails turn to me or who have sent their work to him for verification and have not received an answer for months. The professors take the money for it and are obliged to check the texts written as part of the diploma seminar.

The student is a student and does not have full knowledge and complete skills in creating thesis.

He can not stay in ignorance for weeks and in uncertainty whether what he creates with the brain makes sense, or whether it will not be rejected, and all work will not be crossed out.

In addition, promoters have recommendations from the university authorities that a certain percentage of students will not allow to take exams or make it difficult to pass them. Thus, students have to pay extra money for the opportunity to take the exam again, or to repeat the year, or to resume their studies for one day – that is, the exam. The use of specialist help in writing a job and regular consultations with such a person are therefore indispensable to the policy that universities run.