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Extra-ordinary Construction

Be your own Building Contractor for your home improvement or home remodeling needs: You CAN, we will help, plus we'll save you Big Bucks while incorporating top quality. Hire Norvell Construction Company to do your Demolition, Foundation, Framing, as a SUB-CONTRACTOR. We will give you a good deal on all phases. You won't need to hire, or pay for, a Building Contractor. Don Norvell, who is already a home improvement builder, will be there doing the work AND overseeing the project, but as a Sub-Contractor, saving you a good amount of money: no building contractor fees

! What you need to know: The trick is to tie the Framing in with the Foundation. That is why I suggest you let Norvell Construction Companydo these phases. This will assure you the best outcome. You can't find a better residential construction framer.

Examine our Upper Scale Homes. Framing is our specialty and we will get it right-on for you, assuring you a straight, true and solid structure, with integrity to carry you through your entire construction project. As your project progresses Don Norvell can give you names and contact information for many of the Subs we use on our other home improvement projects

You can count on these companies, they are very good and reliable. If you have the time to oversee your own home improvement project and have a bit of gumption in your spirit we can make this work, together, and take a load off your bank account at the same time. As always, if it gets too much for you, we can take it over and see your home improvement or home remodel through to the end, no problem. We are at your service, just tell us what you want.