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If you're contracting your home remodeling project yourself you absolutely need the best framing job available. Presenting: Don Norvell, Norvell Construction Company. He's your golden goose. The key to a well-built home improvement project is the framing. Other aspects are critical, agreed, but the FRAMING is the ticket to success.


find a better home improvement framer in Southern California than Don Norvell. It's a pretty well-known fact. If you talk to enough people you will discover this is true. Examine our Upper Scale Homes and draw your own conclusion. If you contract Norvell Construction Company to do your demo, foundation and framing you'll not only get a package price you'll get a better job.

Demo is pretty easy, but believe it or not, it can get messed up. General demolition is not a problem, but when it comes to fine detail, especially in dealing with luxury homes, you need someone that can save the valuable structures of your home.

Additionally, foundation is important to tie in with the framing. So a good foundation crew matters. Tie it all together, work with Norvell Construction Company. You will not regret it, no one ever has. Read our Raves and Reviews and see what our past clients say about their experience with Norvell Construction Company as their home builder for their home improvement, home remodeling or new home results.