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To you that means straight talk, no sales talk, and 4th Generation exceptional building construction quality. You're a homeowner, this home builder realizes you must be clever, or you would not own your home today, but you may not be as savvy as the Salesmen that call themselves a Building Contractor. They are a dime a dozen in the building construction field.

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Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to get a Home Builder license in CA. For you that is very unfortunate because it leaves you unprotected. That means that anyone who can study, cram and pass an exam can be a home builder, do home remodeling or do home improvement on your house. So it is not enough to check if they are licensed. If you don't check references you may be in for a financial disaster.

You would be wise to be wary. 4th Generation experience No fancy sales talk Realistic estimates No financial surprises Remarkable quality We don't sell you with smooth talk. We're just straight talking, hard working people that really, honestly want to help home owners with their home remodeling or home improvement for a fair price. Period. We will come in, look at your project, and tell you the truth about what it will probably cost you, depending on your style, your taste and level of quality you prefer.

Do you want a construction company that will tell you what you want to hear: "We have the lowest price and the best quality"? It doesn't make sense, does it? And it doesn't happen. You will be paying considerably more than they project before your home is finished. We've seen it again and again. You won't get that from Norvell Construction, not this Home Builder. Do you want to know what your home remodeling or home improvement will cost, or do you like surprises? We are committed to telling you the truth about your cost, whether you like it or not. Most people don't want to hear the truth.

They want to be stroked. So if you are not ready for reality, you probably will want a different construction company. We lay it out, the blatant truth. But we will also help you cut costs considerably, by knowing where and how, like very few other home improvement or home builder companies can. It's the 4th Generation experience.